Our history

How Off To Care came to be

How it began

The year was August 2008 when our Executive Founder left her job as a Business Lecturer to pitch up a street food stall at Camden Locke Market.  She had always been in business from an early age, supporting her Nan to run the family restaurant so setting up a food stall was the next logical step for her, in fact, she was very passionate about the business until logistic issues meant she could no longer continue to run the business.

She did not want to go back to teaching so decided to work for her best friend’s Nursing Agency. She retrained as a Healthcare Assistant and worked for her friends Agency for a year, gaining experience both in the office and out in the hospitals providing care to clients.

After leaving her friends Agency, our founder started working as a Live-in Carer for various Agencies on and off for 3 years and saw at first hand the needs of clients and pressure on service delivery. She became more adamant that there is a need for improving care standards and providing a service that centres around inspiring people to live elevated lives whether they are clients or staff.

She became even more inspired when her clients would give her positive feedback and praise her work saying things like:

“You are the best carer they have got” and “why don’t they train them all like you”?

Another client felt she was too good of a carer not to set up her own care agency and train carers professionally.

She felt that Carers were not treated with respect or appreciated enough for the work that they do.

It was against this background that she left the care agency she was working for to set up “Off to Care” a Live-in Care Agency that specialises in matching dedicated and professional carers to clients across the nation.

The vision is to:

  • Elevate the lives of our clients and raise care standards
  • Dedicated, Professional Staff who will “go the extra mile”
  • A born desire to help people overcome personal challenges in order to thrive.

“You are the best carer they have got”

“why don’t they train them all like you?”